I allow myself to create out of my natural abundant energy. I simply begin, pen to paper, brush to canvas, hands to raw material and I watch to see where the process takes me and the piece. Sometimes the work is completed quickly in a fluid movement of gestures and other times I engage in a deep conversation with my piece. I add layers of paint or a piece of paper and then I scrape, rub, or sand the surface and in a back and forth motion I work until I feel the piece is complete. I am never sure of what the end result will be when I begin working. Even when I have a general plan I enjoy making discoveries as I work and letting the process be a key aspect to the creation of the artwork. 

    Resourcefulness is an important concept of my work. I strive to utilize what I have, because I believe that by looking within and locally we discover that there are useful tools at our disposal. Growing up surrounded by the woods of Northern California I have always been drawn to nature as a source of inspiration. The abstract details as well as the materials there, like sticks and wood, have consistently served my artwork. As a Peace Corps volunteer I had to be resourceful in many ways and began to use found materials to create art. My sculptures, paintings and drawings tend to incorporate cardboard, paper bag, cloth and other found materials. 


    Laura Mychal holds a BA from Mills College in Studio Art and an MA in Art Education from the University of Arizona. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru from 2011-2013. She was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1988.