Creative Coaching

As an artist and art educator I have a strong belief in the power of creative thinking to help us navigate ourselves through life. In many respects, art is a mirror of humanity making sense of the world, and so by examining and engaging in it we too can begin to find a sense of understanding who we are and how we relate to the greater whole.

I have worked with people of diverse backgrounds, facilitating growth and insight through art lessons and support. I have witnessed people transform and begin to feel more inspired and engaged with themselves and their surroundings. There is great value in gaining new perspectives and understanding, and so it is my goal to help as many people as possible to see their world more creatively.

I offer unique and specialized art lessons, discussion, feedback and one on one coaching to help you become a more fulfilled and engaged. These lessons will help you discover your voice, your passions, and give you a new lens with which you can view the world.

Packages :: Weekly Assignments & End of the week discussion, critique, & reflections via skype or in-person (Nyc only). /// daily e-mail inspiration, support, & Check-ins /// *bonus: worksheets and guidance in health & wellness.

Mini Coaching session :: a condensed version that includes the above. These sessions can be extended.

Hourly Sessions are also an option.

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