This is NOT a Test

Actually, it is.

This is the beginning of the rest of our lives. Life happens in one instant to the next and here we both are together in this moment. 

The intention behind this blog is to share my gifts and talents with the world. I am an artist, and an educator and I teach and guide people through their experiences with art. 

I want to share those ideas with the world, extending my lessons beyond the classroom. 

 "Treachery of Images" by René Magritte

"Treachery of Images" by René Magritte

In addition I want to share what I go through and think about as an artist. 

Living life with purpose and intention are important aspects to my existence as well and so all of that intermingles with my artwork and the way I teach art. I believe I can spread art through the world in a meaningful way that changes individuals, communities, and makes the world a little happier and better off. 

Through my teaching and creating I have realized that art is a metaphor for life.

The more I make, and teach art the more I recognize this utter truth. 

I want to share these insights with you and some exercises as well that can help you gain a more harmonious understanding of yourself and your relation to the world. 

This is the beginning, this is just a test, and I'll be back with you soon. 



Let's make this world a more colorful, peaceful, and lovelier place to live with a more artful approach to life.