Creative Coaching

               As an educator I have loved working with young people and older people in helping them develop their voice through visual art. There is a spectrum of artists - those who are confident and those who think that they aren't artists at all. Everyone along this spectrum in fact has the ability to express themselves through the visual arts. 


I love it. Anyone and everyone can access new parts of themselves through the multiple dimensions of the visual arts and I feel so inspired guiding people towards that. 

Art allows us to find things out about ourselves: like what we find attractive or interesting, what annoys us, what we find to be important, what matters to us, how to get into a state of flow, how to find that perfect balance, how to accept, how to appreciate, and how to take mistakes and see them as all a part of the process. 

I have been thinking for awhile of extending my teaching practice to online platforms where I can reach more people all at once. And thus, I have been developing courses that will help anyone to develop a sense of self, re-kindle their passion, and find their voice through the creative arts. Again, this is for anyone and everyone - for the artist who needs a boost of support, or for that closeted artist who is ready to explore what art really is to them, or the business-person, lawyer, doctor or other busy professional who's yearning to find more color and purpose in their lives. I want to be that support. 

Available through one on one coaching and/or course form. Which would you prefer? Coming Soon from Laura Mychal studio. 

 Helen Frankenthaler in her studio

Helen Frankenthaler in her studio