My work focuses on my emotional and physical connection to nature and the environment around me. Growing up in the woods along the coast of Northern California I obtained a deep reverence for the natural world and that shows up in the abstract expression of my work. My work is a response to my surroundings and oftentimes that includes faces and emotions amongst the abstraction.

    I often create texture with paper, cardboard, cloth and other things gathered from around me as a practice in self-awareness at consumption and waste. I work with paint to transform the materials and create textured landscapes. Found materials in art have traditionally bridged the gap between art and life and I seek to continue that thread while attempting to make sense of or find hope in the reality of our wasteful culture and its connection to the environment.

    I am concerned with the state of the environment in light of climate change and so I paint and draw subjects like animals, people, and parts of nature and materials associated with the catastophe.