I am interested in changing landscapes, and natural phenomena concurrent with the effects of climate change, and create abstract meditations on aerial viewpoints of the earth and meditations on natural forms, colors and details. My paintings offer an underlying examination of the contentious relationship between capitalistic ideologies and the natural world, through my application and use of found materials like single-use plastic and cardboard. With an emphasis on color and textural harmonies, I seek to focus on the existent beauty of the natural world and offer hope in light of the current state of our precarious relationship with the environment.




Laura Mychal (b.1988, San Francisco, CA) was raised in the North San Francisco Bay Area, and was heavily influenced by the natural surroundings of the redwood forests, golden hills, and Pacific ocean beaches. She studied painting and sculpture at Mills College in Oakland, CA and received a BA in Studio Arts in 2010. She then joined the Peace Corps, and explored environmental projects in the Andes mountains of Peru for two years, where she began incorporating more recycled and found materials into her artistic practice. She went on to receive an MA in Art and Visual Culture from the University of Arizona, with a Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship. Upon graduating, she moved to New York City, where she taught art throughout public institutions and continued to her painting practice.


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